Needle Nose & Gripping Pliers
110 & 66 Punchdown Blades
Wire Hook & Spudger
18/20/22/24 AWG Strippers Built-Into Punchdown Blades
Large ROMEX®non-metallic building electrical wire & Hard Wire Cutter. ROMEX® is a federally registered trademark owned by Southwire Company.
UTP & Round Cable Stripper
12/14/16 AWG & ROMEX® Stripper
SOG Knife with 1/2 Serrated Blade
1/4" Socket Drive with Hex Bit Adapter
26-18 AWG Smaller Terminal Lug Crimper
16-10 AWG Large Terminal Lug Crimper
#4 & #6 Slotted Screwdrivers
#1 Phillips Screwdriver
3-in-1 File
Bottle Cap Opener