Condition 1. Cocked and Locked


  • coreymol 12 years ago

    Both are good and both have some negatives, I was a HUGE Kimber fan , but in the last several years their QA/QC has gone way down, they use plastic parts in some areas where they used to be metal. I still love mine but I have had it for almost 15 yrs or so. Colt is kind of the standard but again some minor issues. I shoot a lot all .45 pistols My preferred pistol to shoot or carry is the STI Escort. STI make competition grade guns and are around the same price I promise you if you get and shoot one, youll never want to go back.


  • LONTON 12 years ago

    the factory colt actually has a better trigger than the Kimber Custom Defense Pistol from Kimber's custom shop but the Kimber is much lighter and easier to carry. The trade off of course is a snappier but still manageable recoil