In her new book, The Richer Sex, journalist and author Liza Mundy describes what may be the most profound change for American families in generations. Men are you and your ego ready for the new reality of the 21st century?


  • DirtDoc 12 years ago

    eh, good. I like how the article is ended - providing people with choices. Men and women should be able to decide how they want to live their lives, and people in marriages should be able to work out how they live their lives without society condemning them.

    But I wonder how they define "bread winner"? Do they mean one person works, and the other stays at home, (the normal definition)? Or do they mean the woman makes 50k a year and the man is pulling in 42k? They're very different scenarios, and I feel like they aren't distinguished in the article.


  • Fredday_Khon 12 years ago

    Good point DirtDoc. The term "bread winner" does need to be properly defined, but it does present a shift in family dynamics and new reality that most people may not be aware of. The next generation of kids will have some interesting stories to tell.