Umm... The Average Fast Food Customer Eats 12 Pubic Hairs a Year?

You know fast food is horrible for you, but that hasn't stopped you from eating it. You know fast food is made with tons of potentially dangerous ingredients, and THAT hasn't stopped you from eating it either.

--WELL, tough guy...maybe THIS will finally get you to stop. Based on tests of different fast food samples, the average fast food customer eats 12 PUBIC HAIRS a year.

--The hairs get trapped on employee clothing, on their arms, on their hands... and then find their way into your food. Approximately once a month. So enjoy your McMuffin.

--While we're on the subject, the average half-cup of peanut butter contains at least one RODENT HAIR. And that's totally within the legal guidelines from the FDA . . . they allow 30 insect fragments per every 20 teaspoons.