1st, it's a movie! 2nd, it's a movie! They aren't claiming that they are college professors offering a degree in these subjects, they made a movie.


  • elancaster65

    elancaster65 11 years, 8 months ago

    This the best quote from this article:

    I can tell you what you need, for what it’s worth: You need one person who’s good at solving problems, someone who has ideas, because problems always come up. You need one person who’s good at human relations, who can keep the group functioning together. You need one person who’s kind of a functionary, who’ll implement and get things done. And you need a leader type will push for results.

    The movie had none of those.

    If you don’t have those four components, the team will fail.

    They all died, except one.

    It happens in real life too.