Sorry, I'd rather have linked to Magpul but their Flash-oriented site wouldn't display any pictures. Here's where to get info from Magpul:

All my iPods since the Gen2 "Classic" have had silicone "skins", which I felt were the best for these devices. Rubbery for grip and impact protection, I felt they were the best for use outside of an office space (heck, probably even inside the office). But they did leave a gooey slime so the cover had to be removed and the device cleaned regularly to avoid unsightly buildup. When my wife got her iPhone, she got a two-piece DK cover that cost $35 and will shatter the first time it hits pavement but it was "cute".

So when I got my iPhone this week I went right to Amazon and discovered Magpul's case, a great compromise between the stiff, easily broken plastic and the gooey silicon. One piece (simplicity!) and of a consistency that seems like it should take a few good hits. AND at an incredibly reasonable price! What more could one want? Well, how about manly man colors of black, foliage green and flat dark earth which gives one the ability to "dress" for any occasion. I got the FDE just to see how the case worked but I may soon have one in every color. Situational preparedness calls for me to be ready for anything!

Or I could just say that this is a wonderfully designed product at a great price. Whatever you prefer. Amazon fulfilled for another company and the service was terrific, as always.

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