Since I bought my first Fobus paddle holster I have been in love with them. They stay in place, are light, retain the weapon and the best part is that I don't have to go through undoing my belt to get it off me. Unfortunately, as popular as the Ruger SR9c seems to be, when I got mine recently I was not able to easily find many purchasing choices for the Fobus model. When I saw the idea of combining leather with the plastic waistband clip I thought, "Why not?" Amazon has it at about $50 (no Prime available). BTW, the paddle part is black plastic, not the leather pictured.

My only worry would be that the stress of putting the holster on and taking it off might cause a tear in the leather at the point where the leather and plastic come together. It looks like pretty good leather so we'll see how well it holds up. Feels great so far!

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  • azlockman57 11 years, 9 months ago

    I too like the paddle holster and have one for my S&W 640 revolver. In Az. these are okay, but inside the pants works better I think.
    Let me know how that leather to plastic joint holds up.