• mango333

    mango333 11 years, 8 months ago

    Sorry, but I completely disagree. The iPhone works and those who love it don't want drastic changes. You don't scrap a design that works.

    That said I do want my device to have updated capabilities and most iPhone models have delivered on this. Honestly, I don't want a gianormous Kindle Fire-like device. It's unweildy and impractical.

    Finally, and I think most importantly, no other device has the content availability of the iPhone. Yes you can rip and convert and install almost anything on an Android device. But the experience will not be the same and I'm not really interested in doing all that. I'm more interested in using the content than messing with it so it works on my device. I'm pretty handy with electronics and computing and this is my stance. I can imagine those who aren't would very willingly take the same.