Leaning toward the Shield I think...

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  • kujo21 11 years, 8 months ago

    Shield is a great little gun. I'd disagree that you can't go wrong with it. Shoot as many pistols as you can at a gun store and then decide. You won't regret doing it. M&P line is my favorite though.

    Ergo, whats need got to do with it?


  • JakeLonergan

    JakeLonergan 11 years, 8 months ago

    I don't blame you, when I saw how accurate Hickok45 was with this thing in his video I was green with envy. And I hadn't even tried out my new LC9 yet. Taking it out and practicing makes me think I'll be ok with the LC9 (nice smooth lines for the pocket and pleasant recoil) but if this had been on the market just a month earlier I might have gone for the Shield. Like the man said, try as many as possible. Tip: I found I was much more accurate point-shooting rather than using the sights. BTW, Mr. ergo, nobody here told you that you must go out and buy a firearm, please don't give those of us who do own firearms crap for it.


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