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  • macbaker

    macbaker 10 years, 6 months ago

    My least favorite is the come from behind neck twist kill. Does any hollywood writer have the slightest clue how hard that would be? The more likely response to that action would either be; "Hey thanks, my neck was really bothering me. Are you a Chiropractor?" or; "Hey man, that really hurt! I think you gave me whiplash! I hope you have a good lawyer!".

    The other one that drives me nuts, is when the hero smashes through a car window with his bare hands (one of many examples, Lethal Weapon 4) to haul the bad guy out of a vehicle. Unless the actor is playing a Terminator, in reality he would break every bone in his hands, and pull back a bloody mess. I don't care if it's Chuck Norris, bare hands and car windows don't mix!

    Both of these are examples of lazy hack writers! The worst of the worst though, is the classic Hollywood fail of putting a silencer on a revolver, or even worse, a shotgun!