The Chron is a DIYI kit that turns your watch into a multi-tool and simultaneously, the Library of Alexandria. The Chron works by wrapping a watchband with 7 feet of 550 lb test paracord, a very useful survival tool, that can be then removed and used in a pinch. The paracord also secures a leather pouch underneath the watch containing the EVR1 Canon.

This canon is written onto an 8GB Micro SDHC card, which is then sealed in silicone, metal and vinyl. The content of the canon represents human excellence, the essence of man, humanity's greatest hits, including:

A selection of practical how-to manuals covering first aid, agriculture, engineering, languages, math, construction, bee keeping, hunting, fishing, etc.
The entire Wikipedia corpus (3.9M articles).
The US Army Field Survival Guide.
The CIA World Factbook.
The United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights
A robust selection of the world's canonical texts, from Gilgamesh to Confucius to Homer to Plato to the Mahabharata to Shakespeare to Whitman.
The sacred texts of the world's religions, from the Bible to the Tao Te Ching to the Upanisads.
A collection of recent thinking on the human experience from leading scientists (Douglas Hofstadter, David Bohm, Fred Alan Wolf), philosophers (Ken Wilber, Richard Dawkins) and psychologists (Daniel Goleman).

Collectively, these works capture the messy middle between nature and technology, between art and science, between faith and reason, mystery and certainty. The EVR1 Canon represents humanity's greatest hits across traditions and cultures, the culmination of the 200,000 year-old human story.

For the full list of texts included, please visit the EVR1 Canon. The works in this Canon are humanity's best, representing a library worth several thousand dollars. If you skimmed the cream of the internet, you would be left with the few gigabytes that comprise the EVR1 Canon.

Like the NASA Voyager's Golden Records, the Hera is a symbolic expression of human excellence and like the Islamic Tasbih, the Hindu Mala Beads, the Christian Rosary, the Tibetan Prayer Wheel and Jewish Mezuzah. The Hera is a meditation, putting your life in a rich, connected context, helping you to choose a life of passion, wonder and integrity.

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle or you can live as if everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein


Note: the Chron does not include a watch - you must use/buy your own.
Instructions for DIY assembly of the Chron
1 - 10 foot piece of 550 lb test, paracord, which is super strong, super soft, mildew, rot, fungus, insect, mold and corrosion resistant nylon rope. Parachute cord, aka paracord, can be used in a pinch to make a variety of tools, e.g. bow, nap sack, nets, hammock, tent string, noose, fishing line, floss, snares and traps, rock sling/staff sling, camp perimeter security with bell, log pull, pole lashing, sandals, thread for sewing repairs, hang food from a tree to keep safe from critters, bow drill string, fishing nets, tourniquet, wash cloth, etc.
1 - 1.25" piece of vegetable tanned leather (the backing under watch, holding the EVR1 Canon)
1 - 3" teflon coated darning needle, for threading the paracord through the leather and watchband hole.
The EVR1 Canon written upon an 8GB Micro SDHC card.
The EVR1 Canon seal - protects the Micro SDHC card; it is made from material designed to withstand 950 PSI, 8,000 volts and temperatures up to 500F and electromagnetic radiation.
Online, password protected, access to the EVR1 Canon, for reading/downloading/copying.
EVR1 Community - exclusive online access to EVR1 community of customers/fans/mystics from around the world, who share links, stories and wisdom on the nature of the human experience.


We recommend watches that have their own power supply (e.g. kinetic, solar), do more than what your phone does in and out of range (compass, barometer, altimeter), and have a strong measure of durability with respect to shock and water. As such, the following watches are best for use with the Chron DIY kit:

Casio Men's PRW2500T-7CR Pathfinder Triple Sensor Tough Solar Digital Multi-Function Titanium Pathfinder Watch
Bell & Ross Men's BR-01-94-CARBON Aviation Black Chronograph Dial Watch Watch
Timex Men's T5J641 Ironman Solar Power SHOCK Resin Strap Watch

Once completed, the Chron is designed for daily use so that you can see, touch and meditate upon it everyday Whenever you are moved to check the time, know that you can also tap into humanity's wisdom, achievement, art and spirit.

Accessing the Wisdom

As a Chron owner, you can access this wisdom in two ways:

[Coming Soon] The EVR1 customers-only Wisdom Locker. To be launched in 2012, the Wisdom Locker will contain the full text versions of each of these titles, allowing you the ability to access the data online, as well as download it to other devices for storage, printing, etc.
By removing the EVR1 Canon to retrieve the data on the Micro SD memory card. Simply cut the seal with a razor blade, remove the Micro SDHC Card and place into an Android phone or a PC or Mac, via a USB/micro SDHC converter. Note: this should only be done in an emergency scenario.

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