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There was once a time when men would rise with the sun, coffee was cooked over a fire, and the straight razor was used to shave.

Somehow, over the last few decades, the straight razor has been stigmatized and feared. Hollywood has turned this once simple and elegant instrument into a weapon of murder and mafioso chaos. Not often do I see a film expounding the masculine beauty of a straight razor shave. Rarely is indulgence of simple pleasure associated with this fantastically perfect tool.

In fact, what do most men think of when the words ‘straight razor’ are spoken?

Death. Blood. Violence. Slitting of throats. Puncturing of jugulars. Man on man victimization and brutality.

In fact, I think every barber out there has a strong right to file a class action lawsuit against Hollywood for the defamation of our trade!

But I digress. I get a little passionate when my trade is attacked. Especially when straight razor shaving has been used for centuries to give men soft and smooth faces. Today, a revival in this lost art is happening. Men are interested. Men are challenging the belief that shaving should be expensive and wasteful. They no longer want to throw plastic cartridges in landfills. And they no longer want to pay $25+ for a pack of Gi—-te blades that last two shaves.

This is why I train men how to use the straight razor. It is not a complicated device, but it does require some practice. If you want to learn, I’ll start you on mannequins so that you can learn the different strokes: forehand, backhand, reverse forehand and reverse backhand. I will teach you the “Four T’s of shaving”: Technique, Tension, Touch, and Tempo.

I will cover the 14 shaving areas of the face, and how to shave them. I teach the different areas of the straight razor, and how to hold and manage them. You’ll learn which straight razor is best for you, how to care for your straight razor and where to buy one.

Forget about throwing away big cans of foam. You’ll learn what products to use, which will save you money in the long term and are less wasteful. You get a better understanding of your own face, and how to use natural products to give you the best shave ever. I get so frustrated when I hear about men who still get razor burn, and irritated skin. This should NOT be happening! Shaving should be enjoyable and pleasurable.

If you believe in what I believe in, then join me! I have over a decade of straight razor shaving experience. I train professionals how to use one, and now I here to help you do the same. If you want to learn, use this code to get 10% off my online store for the next available workshop: strtshv12.

Laevibus bonum est.