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Oräddbror is variation of a Behmer type 1 and type 6 early Scandinavian spatha. Loosely inspired by swords right on the cusp of evolving between two distinct cultures, this type of Scandinavian spatha took lead from some of the classical Roman hilts and the early migration period “Germanic” hilts.
Hand forged out of composite twist pattern welded steel, the swords blade is deadly keen and extremely light-weight. The primarily organic hilt is crafted from exotic Brazilian blackwood with matching scabbard, while the grip is carved from antique elk antler from Sweden. Both the hilt and scabbard are capped with hand engraved brass fittings that feature early Scandinavian ornamentation. A swift, stealthy, and trustworthy friend, Oräddbror is a sword forged with deep spirit and life, ready to aid at the warriors side in defense of his Lord in times of great need.

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